The Human Resources Agency (HRA) of the city of New York is one of the largest municipal agencies in the country. Its Management Information Systems (MIS) department supports the data processing needs of over 25,000 staff members in multiple agencies who are responsible for the assistance needs of 2 million New Yorkers. The MIS department has data processing equipment in more than 200 different physical locations in all five boroughs of the city.
The main offices for HRA's MIS department was located at 111 Eighth Avenue, NY, NY and is a 24 hours, 7 days a week operation. The 150,000 square foot facility houses approximately 1000 employees. The center maintains records critical to the operation of HRA, including administrative and accounting functions.
In accordance with the Department of Design and Construction (DDC) and HRA our office was responsible for the design of a new security access control system that would provide new NT based servers with ID badging client stations, badging equipment for all employees and program a new system to integrate with the newly installed video surveillance function. Working directly with HRA and the Security System Manufacturer and Systems Integrator we designed a system that provided card readers control access to every entry into the main MIS offices and each computer room. While the center operates 24 hours a day, employees' access can be restricted to those certain times and/or days required to complete their jobs. All access control activities, including alarms, are monitored in a control room located near the main employee entrance. Every entrance, computer room and check writing room is monitored not only by the access system, but also by a video surveillance camera. The cameras are linked to the access control and monitoring system for automatic camera call up and display to the guards in the event of system wide alarms.
Our office was also responsible for the design of the upgrade to the Cooling Tower Facility, Fire Alarm, Water Leak Detection and Air Conditioning Systems. The Cooling Tower consisted of the replacement of the (3) existing cooling towers located on the roof with new, including sand filters and pump assembly. The Fire Alarm system consisted of a replacement of the existing heat and smoke detection detectors, including Fire Panels and tie in to the existing building's main system. The Water Leak Detection System provided protection to all the Computer Room Areas. We also provided the design to replace and upgrade existing Air Conditioning Units for the Computer Room Facilities and Offices. Since this building was in use by HRA during the design and construction, our office worked closely with The City of New York's Department of Design and Construction Special Projects Unit and the Construction Manager (Bovis Lend Lease) to expedite the "Design-Build" of the upgrade to the mechanical systems while the building remained in use.